by The Gypsy West.



Accomplices is a modern musical trilogy.

It is told in 3 EPs that can be listened to separately or together in sequence.

This is the first part of the story.

The story focuses on personal liberation through public rebellion. It begins as an abstract narrative, weaving through different perspectives and characters. The prism of the Accomplices story is Phoenix. Articulate yet speechless, inspired yet immobile, Phoenix represents the common person and their potential.

The story follows Phoenix to and through a revolution, its many shapes and forms, and the many friends and foes along the way.


released February 22, 2010

All songs written by Alex Giorgetti..
Voices/Guitars/Organs/Pianos-Performed by Alex Giorgetti
Drums-Steve Beck
Bass-Matt Smith
Produced by Alex Giorgetti
Tracked by Mike Davidson @ Zippah Recording
Mixed by Mike Davidson and Alex Giorgetti @ Zippah
Mastered by Matt Powell @ Robot Hauss
Artwork by Eric Gulliver.



all rights reserved


The Gypsy West Cambridge, Massachusetts

Genre-bending, dynamically defiant, and bursting with urgency, The Gypsy West are “an outstanding fusion and listening experience” (The Deli NYC). The musical endeavor of Alex Giorgetti, the Gypsy West is an ever changing sound always rooted in great and unique songwriting, progressive precision, and an energetic live show. ... more

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Track Name: Just Like You
Attention all corporate personnel
An intruder resides among us here
Do you recognize this man?
Intelligence may tell of others in our midst
If the slightest suspicions should arise and twist your mind
alert the authorities at the first sign at first sight, fire at will, at any obstruction to the shock doctrine providing you now....
I know what you're thinking, a conspiracy...
but how could this happen?
We build the hierarchies! The armies!
So listen to me! Listen to me if you want to live, as you do now!
They Could Look Just Like You.
Track Name: Unraveling
How did I get into this mess?
Confessed to a crime predesigned as the myth of the arrest
My fight against industries' eclipsed by my necessities
Or so I think?
So says the autopsy of my soul against the secret skies
The only place that I feel recognized, in disguise
Immortalized at my table of inertia
My throne of things
Silent as I ring the alarm, I know the alarm will ring....
This is not where I was supposed to go
This is not how I was supposed to see
I want the awaked eye, the unraveling
If you think you've given up, thats because you've given up, don't give up, its not over yet...
A caravan of thieves has stolen all of your beliefs
You pose, deposed so bereaved
Multiplied to divide
This is the space where heroes and villains collide
To form the facts redacted from the naked eye
But one of these days!
One of these days I'm gonna fight for my love
I'm gonna fight for my stake
I'm gonna fight for my take
Because if these walls could talk, I know exactly what they'd say...
Track Name: Richard Cory
They say that Richard Cory owns one half of this whole town...
With political connections to spread his wealth around
Born into society a banker's only child
He had everything a man could want
Power Grace and Style
But I work in this factory
and I curse the life I'm living and I curse my poverty
And I wish that I could be, Richard Cory
The papers print his picture almost everywhere he goes
Richard Cory at the opera
Richard Cory at the show!
And the rumors of his parties and the orgies on his yacht
Well he surely must be happy with everything he's got...
He really gave to charity he had the common touch
And they were thankful for his patronage
They liked him very much
So my mind it filled with wonder as the evening headlines read...
But I work in his factory!
And I curse the life I'm living and I curse my poverty
and I wish that I could be Richard Cory
Track Name: Not in Signs
You are just a technocrat
Turning and yearning and making the pockets so fat
From the rising black so quick and so slick
Now the cost of blood is burning you down to the wick
Through positions of omissions
Your signatures and your dates
You've consumed consumed CONSUMED
Identity through fate
Every move you make
Your hands as they shake
Understand and make no mistake now
What you need cannot even be described
not in words and not in signs
Whisper the shapes that get left behind
As they tunnel through your mind
Did you see the news today?
All you made the front page!
You're boxed in black and white
you've chosen your cage
Did you see your wars?
Did you shed a tear for your poor?
Oh wipe that water off your face!
For there is no erase! There is no backspace!
and you cannot fade from the flames
for those who will burn they may forget what they've learned but they'll always remember your name
Turn to the dust....
What you need cannot even be described
not in words and not in signs
whisper the shapes that get left behind
dont forget the faces dont forget their crimes
Track Name: Expect Resistance
Bring it on.....